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Here is a list of recommended resources.

•  Receive Today's Gift a daily e-mail meditation
•  Hazelden Books and Categories
•  Hazelden medallions listing
•  Hazelden's Jewelry and Gifts feature page.
•  Twenty-Four Hours a Day book
•  The Little Red Book
•  Language of Letting Go book
•  Addictive Thinking -Second Edition
•  Alcoholics Anonymous The Big Book
•  Codependent No More
•  Treatment Resources for the providers
•  The Twelve Step Prayer Book
•  Keep It Simple
•  Touchstones
•  A Woman's Spirit
•  Alcoholism and Drug Use Assessment/Evaluation Is it addiction?
•  Betrayal Bonds
•  Out of the Shadows
•  Silently Seduced
•  Life Without Ed
•  Eating Out of the Light of the Moon