Other Services
Continuing Care

Continuing Care is a group for clients who have completed the IOP or have been referred to this level of care from a residential treatment center.  This group gives clients the opportunity to have more support as they continue with the recovery journey.  Clients are required to continue attending 12 Step meetings and to have a sponsor while attending this group.

Continuing Care is a vital part of early recovery.  The group provides ongoing accountability and support, as well as addressing relapse prevention.  A Bridge to Recovery continues to randomly drug test those individuals in who are in the group.

Continuing Care is a morning and evening program once a week.  The morning program is on Tuesdays from 9:00 am - 10:30 am and the evening program is also on Tuesdays from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm.

Trauma Resolution


A trauma is any event that an individual encounters that causes a significant amount of pain and disruption of daily life.  The pain and disruption may be physical, emotional, or relational.  Severe or complex trauma interrupts the individual's psychological system so that they are no longer able to cope with the situation.

Trauma resolution occurs when the impact of trauma has been reduced and no longer negatively affects the individual.  Processing trauma can be done in a number of ways, but most efficiently by use of techniques including EMDR, Art Therapy, and intensive psychotherapy.  A Bridge to Recovery staff members have been trained in these and other means of trauma resolution.

Drug Testing

At A Bridge to Recovery we are committed to complete abstinence as the necessary foundation for treating the disease of addiction.  Therefore, a comprehensive drug testing program is in place to insure compliance by our clients.  Random drug screens are a vital tool to maintaining a drug and alcohol free program while accountability builds self-esteem.

A Bridge to Recovery utilizes one of the most respected laboratories in the country to detail our findings to provide credible, authoritative, evidence based information. Moreover, we have available drug testing supplies for families who feel that home drug testing would provide the assurance of a safe family environment.  Also, we may send clients elsewhere for observed urine analysis if appropriate.

Get Involved

•  Faces & Voices of Recovery

For far too long those most affected by alcohol and other drug addiction problems have been absent from the public policy debate.  Faces & Voices of Recovery was founded in 2001 to organize and mobilize the millions of Americans in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drug addictions  to speak with one voice.  The organization is dedicated to changing public perceptions of recovery, promoting effective public policy in Washington and in all 50 states, and demonstrating that recovery is working for millions of Americans.


•  Join Together

Join Together is a program of the Boston University School of Public Health. Since 1991 it has been the nation's leading provider of information, strategic planning assistance, and leadership development for community-based efforts to advance effective alcohol and drug policy, prevention, and treatment.  We believe problems associated with alcohol and drugs can be best addressed at the community level.



While the staff at A Bridge to Recovery does not perform Interventions themselves we have a nationwide network of Interventionists we use on a regular basis.  There are three main methods of intervention styles and A Bridge to Recovery will work with the family to make sure the intervention style used will best fit your loved one's needs. Please contact us with any questions you might have about this process.


Intervention 180 is a national consulting service dedicated to helping families and organizations affected by the disease of addiction.  We offer a wide array of services ranging from addiction intervention, gambling intervention, alcohol intervention, sex-addiction intervention, mental health intervention, eating disorder interventions, co-occurring disorders intervention, adolescent intervention, addiction consultation, recovery management, sober companion services, clean and sober transport and education for families and business's.  We are also one of the few intervention companies to offer reverse interventions to aid the addicted individual in gaining family support towards recovery.  If you know someone suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, gambling addiction or any other addictive disorder, Intervention 180 can help.


Southworth Associates

At Southworth Associates, we will do everything in our power to help addiction dependent individuals, their families, colleagues and friends to arrest the disease of addiction, allowing everyone to go forward fulfilling their lives free from the worry and problems that addiction creates. Our goal is to provide quality intervention, consulting, and monitoring services. We emphasize early identification, intervention, referral for treatment and monitoring. We recognize the need for all involved to commit to the ongoing journey towards recovery using the 12 Step Recovery model as our basic philosophy.

Treatment Centers

Residential Treatment Centers

With so many residential treatment centers available, the treatment centers listed on this page are facilities we have a working relationship with.  We feel comfortable sending clients to these programs, and know that they will receive high quality treatment.  If a center is not listed on this page, it by no means says we do not recommend that center; we continue to work with new centers on a regular basis.

Treatment Centers:

•  Pine Grove Treatment
•  La Paloma Treatment
•  Cumberland Heights