"Looking beyond the substance abuse and dealing with issues from my past has started a healing process. This has created a firm foundation that gives me a positive feelings about my chance for recovery."



"I am convinced that if I had gone to a traditional treatment facility, the underlying causes for my addiction would still be affecting my life." 



When I was getting close to being discharged from inpatient rehab, the counselors there strongly recommended I go to an outpatient program to help me transition into the "real world" and continue my recovery. A Bridge To Recovery is where they scheduled my assessment following the day of my discharge. I needed a place that would help me continue building a solid recovery foundation, that was plugged in to the local recovery community, offered individual and group as well as family counseling, and could help me overcome the challenges I face with depression and anxiety as well as manage my meds.

"The Bridge" offers a twelve step based recovery program, just like the one I was in at the inpatient center I attended. Every one of the counselors there is either in recovery and/or has an extensive knowledge of addiction and mental health disorders. They also offer the help of a psychiatrist who is also an addictionologist, just like the care I was getting from the previous center.

All in all, A Bridge To Recovery offers all of the services offered by inpatient centers but with the convenience of being outpatient. I would highly recommend "The Bridge" to anyone who is SERIOUS about getting help with any and all types of addiction, process disorders, and or mental health." 



"With gracious thanks to Bridge, I now welcome each day, and look forward to the future and life's challenges, without the necessity of a drink."



"It was not about whether there are getting my money but really want to see me succeed in my recovery."



"The encouragement and respect with which I was treated has given me new found confidence and self esteem. I don’t feel stigmatized by my disease and today I wear my recovery as a badge of honor."



"The addiction field has long overlooked the severity of trauma and how it interacts with addictive and mental health disorders. A Bridge to Recovery goes beyond managing the symptoms of addiction; they treat addiction at its core."



"A Bridge to Recovery and I all share a common philosophy; that no addict is too sick to receive treatment and find lifelong recovery. A Bridge to Recovery embodies this vision. I would place my own wife, son or daughter in their care with no hesitation."



"High quality outpatient programs are difficult to find A Bridge to Recovery although new to the area will soon be recognized as one of the best outpatient centers in the country."



"I have worked in the field of recovery for the past sixteen years, during which time I have had an opportunity to work with therapists from all over the country. The therapist and therapeutic modality of A Bridge to Recovery are some of the best I've encountered."



"The bridge to recovery is what I would hope all treatment centers for addiction would aspire to be, A loving supportive and honest program that truly puts patient care first. Thanks to The Bridge to Recovery my family has hope."



"At the beginning I didn't think I would make it, but after seeing how much the staff cared and wanted me to make it, I started believing in myself. It was hard, but it was worth it. Today I am 11 months clean and sober from crack and have my life back."



"It was wonderful to go to a center who only admits clients who want to get better and not because someone is forcing them to go. It just felt safe."