Codependency - What is it?

Codependency is when a person has a strong desire to control people around them, including their spouse, children or co-workers.

They feel compassion for people who may be hurting and feel they should be the one to help them.  Codependent people give of their time, emotions, finances, and other resources.  They have a very difficult time saying "no" to any requests made of them.

Codependency - A Matter of Control

Codependency, for others, doesn't express itself in a desire to control, but instead, in the need to be controlled by others.  Because it is nearly impossible for Codependents to say "no" to people, they may find themselves the victims in physically and emotionally abusive relationships.  They believe that if they can be good enough, or loving enough, they can change the other person's behavior.  Sometimes they blame themselves for the abusive behavior: "If only I had not forgotten to do the dishes, he would not have had to hit me."